Holladay in the Community


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Being active in our communities is something we value at Holladay Properties. In our latest issues of “Holladay Happenings” and our corporate newsletter, Nashville Executive Assistant and Office Manager Marcy Coffman and Marketing Director Amanda Watson shared a bit about our recent community ventures in the Mid-South region.

Electronics Re-cycling Event (Fairfax, VA)
We recently completed a Holladay in the Community at Yorktown 50 by hosting an Electronics Re-cycling event, which donated 525 pounds of electronics to the Goodwill of Greater Washington,” announced Tina Rogers, Property Manager.

Fairfax VA Electronics DonationProperty Manager Tina Rogers, Building Porter Mario Carcia and Maintenance Engineer Eddie Campos

In March, Holladay Properties and Yorktown 50 hosted the event in conjunction with Ampajen Solutions and Goodwill of Greater Washington. Amanda Timmons of Ampajen Solutions of Colorado is coordinating the LEED certification for Yorktown 50 and was instrumental in bringing together Holladay Properties and Goodwill of Greater Washington for the re-cycling event. The event enabled Yorktown practices and employees to recycle electronic equipment ranging from computers, monitors, laptops to gaming consoles. This event was well received.

The Goodwill provides certified data destruction and will either resell usable equipment or Dell Computers will re-cycle the components. This project works to keep toxic waste out of the landfills.

Active Shooter Training (Calvert, MD)

On April 15, an active shooter training was held at Calvert MOB with help from the local police and hospital security.

Patty Doss, Property manager, said, “The drill went well and there was a good turnout of hospital and building staff who participated. The photos are a little chilling… good to know it was only a drill!”

Baltimore City State Attorney’s 5k Fund Run (Baltimore, MD)

On April 7, our Eastern Region office sponsored and participated in the 2018 Baltimore City State Attorney’s 5k Fund Run for Victim’s Assistance, an event which raises money for the Crime Victim’s Emergency Fund. Senior Vice President Austin Haynes pulled together a team of four and gathered with others in Druid Hill Park to run the 5K in support of the Crime Victim’s Emergency Fund, which provides victims of domestic violence, robbery, assault and child abuse in the community with immediate care and assistance. “The event was a terrific success and a lot of money was raised for a terrific cause,” Haynes said of the event.

Fun Run

Wally F. Holladay Entrepeneurial Excellence Award (Indianapolis, IN)

Holladay was proud to once again be an underwriting sponsor of the NAIOP/ULI University Challenge, where students from Ball State University, Butler University, Indiana State University, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and University of Indianapolis compete for the Wally F. Holladay Entrepreneurial Excellence Award and a $5,000 Scholarship provided by the Opus Foundation.

Wally Scholarship


Always Our Greatest Kid


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April 27th was a night for celebration. Under the soft lighting of the Gillespie Conference & Event Center Ballroom, hundreds of guests watched as President and CEO John Phair rode a green bicycle onstage to accept the award for the Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County’s “Greatest Big Kid” of 2018.
As everyone knows, John has always had a servant’s heart. Throughout the years, giving back to the community has been a passion of his. This year, one of the ways he chose to give back to St. Joseph County was by participating in the Boys & Girls Club’s annual Greatest Kids Fundraiser. The event paired six local leaders with youths who were nominated for “Youth of the Year,” to raise money in support of the organization which currently serves over 1,100 children in South Bend and Mishawaka. John and his partner, a young man named KaSaun, quickly became friends as they began fundraising as Team Green. Through social media platforms, social gatherings and word-of-mouth, patrons were encouraged to learn more about the wonderful work of the Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County, and pledge their votes ($50 each)  for Team Green. After a few hard months of fundraising, participants and their guests gathered together to see the results and crown a winner as well as recognize the “Youth of the Year”.
Dressed in vibrant green suits, John and KaSaun arrived at the Gillespie Center on the night of the award ceremony and live auction, excited to see the final results of their efforts. Each team had decorated their tables in their respective colors to show their spirit, and Team Green’s did not disappoint. Their table was adorned with an impressive mountain of bright green glowsticks, and other eyecatching trinkets. Several of our Holladay Properties Partners joined in on the fun, dressed in different shades of green, as well. One – who shall not be named – even donned a ‘Green Man’ costume, to act as a team mascot.
With the completion of the live auction, it was finally time to award the victors. After earning an impressive 1,610 votes, it was announced that Team Green had raised over $80,500, making them the overall winners! John proudly accepted his crystal crown for 2018’s Greatest Big Kid, as the crowd cheered on. “…Lots of laughter and enjoyment was shared by the over 500 guests,” Partner and Sr. Vice President of Development Manette Tepe described of the event. “Not only was the evening a lot of fun but it was a HUGE success. We are still counting but at this time we have raised over $400k!”
We have always known John is a big kid at heart. Now the community knows he is the Greatest.


For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow


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It is always bittersweet when a employee steps into the next phase of his or her life: retirement. That is just what  Tim Baker did at the end of March. After serving the company for 22 years, Tim stepped down from his long-held role as Senior Vice President of Asset Management, transitioning into a new role as a company investor.


As the Senior Vice President of Asset Management, Tim was responsible for maximizing the company’s value to new and existing tenants, preserving company assets and maintaining quality returns to property owners. Tim worked closely with the Property Management department, to ensure tenant and owner satisfaction, while seeking out opportunities for new management contracts and investments. He was instrumental in growing the company from a small, internal team, to one of the fastest growing real estate management firms in the Midwest.

To celebrate his retirement, each of the Indiana branches were invited to a surprise party held on April 11 in South Bend. Under the ruse of his protégé, Wills Gardner, Tim arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn’s Gillespie Center expecting to make a brief stop inside to pick up some “important documents” from John, before heading out for a special “birthday lunch for Wills.” Unbeknownst to him, 90 of his co-workers were anxiously waiting inside of Parlor A to surprise him. The look of pure joy on his face upon opening the doors said it all…


The tables were decorated with teal, silver and purple balloons, as well as ornate bowls filled with handwritten well-wishes and messages for Tim. In the front of the room, a large poster of memories of him overlooked a long buffet table filled with delicious appetizers, Carrabba’s catering, and 3 cakes.


After the guests finished moving through the buffet line, President and CEO John Phair shared stories about Tim, how he came to work for Holladay, and what he has meant to the company. At the end of the event, after all of the messages were collected from the bowls on the tables, Tim was presented with a leatherbound scrapbook which would soon be filled with the kind words of his peers. He was additionally presented with $950 worth of gift certificates to the Ravinia Festival in Chicago, which he and his wife will be sure to enjoy in the coming months.

digCassie Sprigg presenting Tim Baker with his scrapbook.


Joy, tears and lots of laughter filled the hall that afternoon. And while we are sad that we will not see Tim’s smiling face at work every day, we are incredibly excited for his new adventure, and look forward to his frequent visits to the office. It just goes to show you: You can take work away from Tim, but you can’t keep Tim away from Holladay.

Congratulations, Tim!

TIM BAKER.compressed (002)

Recognizing People in Our Community


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Pamela Bennett is a volunteer for the Richmond Animal League. The Richmond Animal League (RAL) works with pounds and shelters throughout the Central Virginia to rescue dogs and cats and reduce euthanasia rates.  Rescued animals are brought to the RAL shelter and cared for, including physicals, vaccinations and treatments, spay/neuter surgeries, and microchip implants.

Pamela’s serves as an Animal Counselor for RAL. When she volunteers, she is responsible for welcoming visitors to RAL, showing animals to potential adopters, and helping potential adopters with the adoption process. She also helps out with the Cat Crew when needed, which includes cleaning the cat cages, bowls, and bedding, and making sure each cat has food and water. RAL has been rescuing homeless dogs and cats in the Richmond area since 1979. The organization is the area’s oldest no-kills shelter and can house up to 30 dogs and 60 cats and kittens at any one time. RAL welcomes over 300 volunteers to the shelter each week to care for the animals.

Pamela Bennet VolunteerPamela Bennet – Administrative Assistant/Office Manager – Ashland, VA

In addition to the shelter, RAL opened the Loving Spay & Neuter Clinic in 2009, which provides low-cost services to area shelters, rescue groups, and low-income pet owners. The clinic performs 7,000 spay and neuter surgeries each year.

RAL is currently seeking funds to build a new shelter that will allow the program to take care of more animals each year. To learn more about volunteer, adoption and fostering opportunities at RAL or donate to the program, visit http://www.ral.org/.

Luck of the Irish


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Every St. Patrick’s Day, our South Bend office gets festive, and celebrates the holiday with a potluck. The tradition began 3 years ago in 2015, when Social Media Coordinator, Cassie Sprigg, started working for the Property Management branch.

“When I started working at Holladay, one of the first things that I was told was that we were a group that liked to have fun,” said Cassie. “When I heard that we hadn’t had a fun event since the Christmas party, I knew St. Patrick’s Day would be the perfect time to get everyone back together for some delicious food and great company.”

2018-03-16 StLeft to Right: Kathy Williams, Nora Wiseman and Cassie Sprigg

Those who attended the event were each asked to bring in one green or Irish-themed dish to share with the group, guaranteeing both a variety and a plentiful supply of food for all. Amongst the star dishes were Mary Baker’s Reuben Dip, Maureen Johnson’s Deviled Eggs, Kathy Williams’ Corned Beef, and Kit Suhovecky’s famous Green Punch.

“We always have more than enough food, but – in the end – I would rather have leftovers, than run out!” Exclaimed Cassie, who is still polishing off the leftovers.

2018-03-16 St 2Left to Right: Manette Tepe, Maureen Johnson, Tim Baker, Diane Sopczynski, Cassie Sprigg and Amanda Domalewski

We can’t wait for our next potluck: Cinco de Mayo!

2nd Annual Mini-Golf Tourney!


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On February 16, the Elm Hill Pike-Nashville office held the 2nd Annual Mini-Golf Tourney. The teambuilding activity began on January 12 when the teams were announced and given their tasks of 1) choosing a name, 2) designing the layout of their hole, and 3) creating a flag.

To foster camaraderie, the teams were predetermined to include personnel representing the various departments of the company thus giving them an opportunity to work with someone with whom they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance. Due to the office floorplan, it was decided that a 9-hole course would work best. Some of the holes were a straight shot, some had turns and required banking, and one was in the shape of a horseshoe. A limited amount of materials were available for construction and so any elaborate elements were at the team’s expense.

2018 Nashville Mini-Golf Tourney 3Team “Unique Geniuses 4 Goals”
Nikki Arnold, Marcy Coffman, Chad DeRossett & Cheryll Schroth

Tournament day included a half-hour to set up the course, a course walk to vote on ‘Most Creative Design,’ lunch, and the tournament. The tournament was scored by team. Every team member present was required to participate by putting one hole. Balls, putters, and scorecards were provided.

2018 Nashville Mini-Golf Tourney 5

No tiebreaker this year—“Blockheads” won tournament play with a score of 19. The ‘Most Creative Hole Design’ went to “Top 5” (hole 5) for their musically themed hole. The sign on their guitar case reads “Unique Genius for Hire,” which ties into our company’s strengths based culture. On that note (pun intended), Team “Unique Geniuses 4 Goals” correlated the strengths into a winning football scene for their hole design. Cheryll Schroth brought up using strengths, and Chad DeRossett said that it could tie in with a sport that has goal. After a bit of brainstorming, the team came up with the football theme to connect using strengths to meet your goals. Each cheerleader is wearing a domain color (red, blue, gold, purple), the end zone is Holladay’s strengths sized by frequency in word art, and the “names” on the back of the football players’ jerseys are the five strengths that most relate to football lingo (adaptability, focus, competition, strategic, achiever).

2018 Nashville Mini-Golf Tourney 1
Tournament play winning team “Blockheads”
Laura Gomez, Ewing Smith, Deborah Kautz & Candalee Kumar

Special thanks to Holladay for providing lunch and giving its employees the opportunity to have such fun team building events!