Luck of the Irish


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Every St. Patrick’s Day, our South Bend office gets festive, and celebrates the holiday with a potluck. The tradition began 3 years ago in 2015, when Social Media Coordinator, Cassie Sprigg, started working for the Property Management branch.

“When I started working at Holladay, one of the first things that I was told was that we were a group that liked to have fun,” said Cassie. “When I heard that we hadn’t had a fun event since the Christmas party, I knew St. Patrick’s Day would be the perfect time to get everyone back together for some delicious food and great company.”

2018-03-16 StLeft to Right: Kathy Williams, Nora Wiseman and Cassie Sprigg

Those who attended the event were each asked to bring in one green or Irish-themed dish to share with the group, guaranteeing both a variety and a plentiful supply of food for all. Amongst the star dishes were Mary Baker’s Reuben Dip, Maureen Johnson’s Deviled Eggs, Kathy Williams’ Corned Beef, and Kit Suhovecky’s famous Green Punch.

“We always have more than enough food, but – in the end – I would rather have leftovers, than run out!” Exclaimed Cassie, who is still polishing off the leftovers.

2018-03-16 St 2Left to Right: Manette Tepe, Maureen Johnson, Tim Baker, Diane Sopczynski, Cassie Sprigg and Amanda Domalewski

We can’t wait for our next potluck: Cinco de Mayo!


2nd Annual Mini-Golf Tourney!


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On February 16, the Elm Hill Pike-Nashville office held the 2nd Annual Mini-Golf Tourney. The teambuilding activity began on January 12 when the teams were announced and given their tasks of 1) choosing a name, 2) designing the layout of their hole, and 3) creating a flag.

To foster camaraderie, the teams were predetermined to include personnel representing the various departments of the company thus giving them an opportunity to work with someone with whom they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance. Due to the office floorplan, it was decided that a 9-hole course would work best. Some of the holes were a straight shot, some had turns and required banking, and one was in the shape of a horseshoe. A limited amount of materials were available for construction and so any elaborate elements were at the team’s expense.

2018 Nashville Mini-Golf Tourney 3Team “Unique Geniuses 4 Goals”
Nikki Arnold, Marcy Coffman, Chad DeRossett & Cheryll Schroth

Tournament day included a half-hour to set up the course, a course walk to vote on ‘Most Creative Design,’ lunch, and the tournament. The tournament was be scored by team. Every team member present was required to participate by putting one hole. Balls, putters, and scorecards were provided.

2018 Nashville Mini-Golf Tourney 5

No tiebreaker this year—“Blockheads” won tournament play with a score of 19. The ‘Most Creative Hole Design’ went to “Top 5” (hole 5) for their musically themed hole. The sign on their guitar case reads “Unique Genius for Hire,” which ties into our company’s strengths based culture. On that note (pun intended), Team “Unique Geniuses 4 Goals” correlated the strengths into a winning football scene for their hole design. Cheryll Schroth brought up using strengths, and Chad DeRossett said that it could tie in with a sport that has goal. After a bit of brainstorming, the team came up with the football theme to connect using strengths to meet your goals. Each cheerleader is wearing a domain color (red, blue, gold, purple), the end zone is Holladay’s strengths sized by frequency in word art, and the “names” on the back of the football players’ jerseys are the five strengths that most relate to football lingo (adaptability, focus, competition, strategic, achiever).

2018 Nashville Mini-Golf Tourney 1
Tournament play winning team “Blockheads”
Laura Gomez, Ewing Smith, Deborah Kautz & Candalee Kumar

Special thanks to Holladay for providing lunch and giving its employees the opportunity to have such fun team building events!

From Maintenance to Management


Have you met our Portage Property Manager, Toby Ernsberger?


Toby started with Holladay Properties in 2012, when his father-in-law introduced him to Director of Facilities, Eric Lindamood. With his previous experience in working with plumbing, electricity and construction, as well as landscape design, Eric hired Toby to be one of our South Bend maintenance technicians. In 2016, Toby, searching for an opportunity for career advancement, applied for Holladay’s open Property Manager position. His familiarity with the portfolio made him a natural fit for the job.

As a Commercial Property Manager, Toby is responsible for managing a portfolio consisting of over 1 million square feet of real estate, including commercial office, medical, and industrial space. He has been largely responsible for expanding our presence in 3rd party management throughout Northwest Indiana, and has recently, with the help of Assistant Property Manager, Amanda Macias, secured contracts for Landscaping and Snow Removal.  He has future plans to earn his Certified Property Manager accreditation through the Institute of Real Estate Management.

When not at Holladay, Toby owns Ernsberger Cleaning, a janitorial business, and runs a farm that produces eggs and maple syrup. He and his wife, Danielle, have four children, whom he coaches in basketball, baseball and football. With all of these things on his plate, Toby has become an expert at time management. Keep up the great work, Toby!

Hope for Today

BY: Marcy Coffman
Executive Assistant/Office Manager – Nashville, TN

On February 23, twenty (20) Holladay in the Community volunteers arrived at the Nashville Rescue Mission Women’s Campus ready to give 25 hours of hope for today. The Mission staff split our team into two groups to work in the kitchen and the warehouse.

In the kitchen, the volunteers plated and served food to women and children in need as well as cleaned up the service area. In the warehouse, the group sorted, organized and shelved clothing donations for future distribution to women and children in need.

Nashville 2

In 1954, the Mission opened its doors to provide food, clothing and shelter to homeless men in the Nashville community. In 1968, the Mission expanded to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of homeless women and children. Nashville Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community dedicated to providing hope for today, tomorrow and eternity to the hungry, homeless and hurting in Middle Tennessee.

The Mission serves close to 2,000 meals a day; that includes three hot meals, 365 days a year at two campuses. Each night, hundreds of men, women and children find a warm bed and safety from the streets at the Mission; they house an average of 800 people each night, which includes 25-85 children. The Mission also provides free clothing, showers, personal hygiene, education/training, counseling/spiritual encouragement as well as other programs to transform the lives of many.

Nashville 3

“It was so rewarding to serve the women and children of Nashville and to see the appreciation on their faces as well as in their words,” remarked Candalee Kumar, Lease Administration Manager and coordinator of the event. “Seeing how the community came together to provide food and clothing to those is need was inspiring!  As organizer of community events in the Nashville area, I can say that I am sure we will be back to assist this great organization again!”

Nashville 1

A Friendly IT Reminder


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BY: Bill Starkweather
IT Director – South Bend, IN

As a reminder, please keep the following items in mind:

– 1 –

At the end of the work day, please close all of your applications, restart your computer, and leave it at the CTL+ALT+DEL screen. This will help with a couple of things:

  • In case of power loss, open unsaved files will not be lost.
  • In case of loss of connection to a database, users will not be locked out and require I/T to unlock.
  • Microsoft Windows operating system updates are installed in middle of night instead of when you turn your PC on the next day. This will help prevent excess network traffic occurring  thing in the morning as well and slowness on your computer while updates are being installed.

NOTE: If you are a laptop or tablet user, this does not apply to you unless your laptop is left in the office overnight. You will receive your updates the next time you attach to the network.



– 2 –

Be mindful of the emails that you are opening. While our SPAM filter and AntiVirus software will capture harmful emails and email attachments, nothing is 100%.

  • Only open emails and attachments from a trusted source.
  • Upon receiving the SPAM quarantine email, think about whether you really need the email, because it was quarantined for a reason by the SPAM filter.
  • If you have any questions about whether or not to open an email, error on the side of caution and contact Information Technology.


– 3 –

Be mindful of the internet sites you are accessing. Internet sites can contain harmful files and links. Please, only visit sites that you are familiar with or are from a reputable company. Downloads of files should be from a known site.


These tips will help to keep our computers and network running safely, and efficiently.

A ‘Change Maker’ in our midst


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By: Amanda Watson
Director of Marketing – Portage, IN

“Everyone at Holladay is extremely proud of Cassie’s dedication to her work at the United Way as she  has gone above and beyond her duties with her role on the United Way Board,” said Jackie Green, Partner & VP – Property Management recently said about Cassandra “Cassie” Sprigg, Holladay Properties’ United Way Campaign Manager. In addition to serving as Holladay’s Social Media Coordinator, Cassie is also a part of the Indiana Property Management Team led by Jackie Green.

Cassie was recognized at the United Way of St. Joseph County’s annual meeting breakfast on February 15th at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. While Cassie could not be at the event due to illness, a team of Holladay staff attended in support of her efforts and were on hand to cheer wildly when she was honored as a “Change Maker” for her volunteer role on the 2017 Program Solutions Investment Panel.



“We are extremely grateful for Holladay Properties’ commitment to building a better community for us all by encouraging Cassie to participate is such a key area of our work,” said Rachel Brown, Director of Mission Advancement for the United Way of St. Joseph County. “More importantly, through Cassie’s active and collaborative role, she is helping United Way make tremendous strides toward breaking the cycle of generational poverty and helping stabilize the families of today.”

Cassie-SpriggCassie has made a huge impact on the both the Holladay team and the United Way. Last May, she was honored with the award for Campaign Manager of the Year at the annual United Way of St. Joseph County Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon for her efforts in the 2016 South Bend office fundraiser which raised $18,100 for the charitable organization.

“This is a great story of a temporary employee that has filled a necessary position and is doing a great job! She always has a smile, very warm to all the visitors and callers.  She is such a positive and energetic person, ” Manette Tepe, Partner & VP-Development said. “I am very proud that she is part of our Holladay team!”

Find out more about the United Way of St. Joseph County or donate at:

If you would like to share any thoughts on Cassie’s impact on Holladay or her commitment to the community, please comment on this post!