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By Steve Staszewski, President of Holladay Construction Group, LLC

When Holladay Construction Group was established in 2007, I never dreamed that we could possibly be spread out as much as we are today.  Five years ago, managing the construction in South Bend, Portage and Indianapolis presented enough challenges for our team and since then, clients have taken us as far as Miami, FL and Tucson, AZ.  Growth in an economy such as this is wonderful, but it comes at a price…

In the last 18 months, we have teamed up with Holladay’s Nashville Office to handle a significant portion of the HCP Portfolio.  Since the beginning of 2011, we have completed nearly $ 5 Million of renovation work in Florida and Arizona for HCP.  Within the last 2 months, we reorganized the operations and now share responsibilities in eight states, which has made managing the portfolio even more difficult.  We needed to add and/or re-allocate personnel, purchase new equipment and software and initiate a Web Based system, all in an effort to make the management as efficient as possible.

In addition to the HCP work, we have created a strong relationship with Graybar, one of the nation’s largest distributors of Electrical Components and Equipment.  This relationship began when we built their distribution center in Indianapolis, carried us to the successful completion of their first LEED Certified distribution center in Tucson, AZ and is leading to the potential construction of projects in Wisconsin and Texas.  Graybar has over 200 facilities across the country and we are working on a plan to evaluate each one of them for LEED compliance and/or implementation.

No one will ever complain about growth in an industry that has weakened significantly over the past 3 years, but it has made us more aware of the challenges involved in “managing from afar.”  We have been forced to adapt to the changing climate of the Construction Industry and, in doing so, are becoming much more technology savvy and much more efficient in the way we manage projects.  So I say…Bring it On!  Those who do not adapt fall by the wayside.  And those who do, become the leaders in the industry…