Several people in our company are proof of this…Do you think an improvement in the housing market is translating to the commercial real estate market?


mayflowerDon’t be surprised to see a moving van in front of at least one of your neighbors’ homes sometime this year. According to a new survey by moving company Mayflower, a growing number of U.S. residents say they have regained confidence in the housing market. And that is leading nearly one-third of them to consider a move in the next year.

According to the Mayflower study, 47 percent of U.S. residents say they feel more comfortable about buying a home today than they have at any other time during the last five years.

A total of 32 percent of survey respondents said that they planned to move in the next year. Mayflower’s year-over-year residential moves bore out these trends, with the number of moves up 16 percent in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the same period one yeare earlier.

The survey also found that neverly half — 49…

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