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While we love being developers and property managers, there are a few things that detract from the usually glamorous commercial real estate business. We’ve compiled a list that we feel most CRE experts and fellow developers would agree are of some of the worst things about our business.

Portable toilets

    10) The portable restrooms on job sites
    9) Expedited timelines; they used to be rare, now they’re the norm
    8) Working with the electric company
    7) Public vs. Private agendas
    6) Working with the water company

Haunted sites

    5) Haunted sites
    4) Working with the gas company
    3) Low conversion rate of proposals to real projects
    2) Working with the phone company
    1) Touring creepy, dark, empty buildings

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Do you have any experiences you’d like to share with these “worsts” or have your own suggestions to add? Share them in the comments section by clicking the Leave a Comment button at the top of this blog – we’d love to get your feedback!