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By now, you probably all know that Holladay Properties is a full-scale land development, design/build and fully-integrated real estate company, as well as one of the largest medical office management firms in the country and that Holladay has over 200 employees in a range of specialties working from five development and about 30Fronius USA Design Project management offices with the knowledge and experience to complete any type of project for any kind of client. Part of being a fully integrated real estate company is handling architecture and design services internally – we have an amazing ability to take a project from conception to completion using only Holladay Properties’ staff and talent.

The majority of Holladay Properties customers take advantage of our development, build to suit and/or property management services, but today we want to talk a little about Holladay’s Architecture & Design Services. The Holladay Properties Design Team is made up of professionals from our South Bend, Indianapolis and Portage offices. We have licensed and professional TCU Interior Design Project photoarchitects and interior designers on staff who have the knowledge, experience and creativity to plan and execute the right solution for any real estate needs. Our team has won awards and these professionals have earned degrees and certifications that set them apart from average designers.

Besides being able to design and build Holladay Properties’ projects, our design team has recently been taking on many third-party architecture and design contracts. Recent clients include:

  • Subway (Indianapolis and Portage, IN)
  • AM Stabilizers (Valparaiso, IN)
  • Teacher’s Credit Union (South Bend, IN)
  • MC Industrial (Portage, IN)
  • Green Sense Farms (Portage, IN)
  • NorthShore Health (Merrillville and Hammond, IN)
  • Fronius USA (Portage, IN)
  • South Bend Medical Foundation (South Bend, IN)

Holladay third-party design contracts can be all-inclusive or limited based on a client’s needs and our professionals have experience with all facets of the design process including planning, permitting and job supervision . Let our Design Team help you stand out in the crowd by building a distinctive image for your business. For more information on Holladay’s Architecture & Design services, contact info@holladayproperties.com. View a sample portfolio of Holladay’s design projects: Click here to view the Portfolio Sample.