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Welcome to the third iteration of our popular series titled “The Favorites.” We are exploring our employees’ favorite projects – the buildings and developments that they have enjoyed working on most during their time at Holladay. In Part III, we hear from three Holladay employees in different positions and offices in the company. Enjoy!

Country Inn & Suites at the Port – Portage, Indiana
Tim Healy – Partner & Sr. Vice President-Development; Joined Holladay in 2000

My favorite project to date has got to be the Country Inn & Suites hotel. Just from the very beginning, from the idea of having a hotel here [at AmeriPlex at the Port]; doing all the research to find out what flags might be available; going through that whole process of designing the hotel, getting the franchise, getting it funded and working all the way up to the grand opening. There was nothing quite like that first couple days, weeks and months of the hotel, when you’d drive by and count the number of cars and get a report in the morning about how many rooms we sold – just seeing that business start from scratch and grow into what I think has been a great project. It hasn’t always performed the best financially, but it’s getting there and, just from start to finish, [it] was a very fun project.




Hotel Fitness Room

Hotel Pool Room

Sheds on Charlotte – Nashville, Tennessee
Allen Arender – Partner & Vice President-Development; Joined Holladay in 2007

I have several ” favorite” projects in Nashville. The Sheds on Charlotte is my current favorite as we are nearing the completion of the renovations to the former Tennessee Department of Transportation warehouse conversion to creative office space. This project involved buildings that I had followed for many years before we finally had an opportunity to purchase them in 2012. Redevelopment projects like the Sheds require daily attention and force us to become intimately familiar with the entire fabric of the existing structure. To finally see it come to life with new tenants and a new energy is very rewarding.

Rendering After Demolition

April 2014 Construction

Wall Panels - July 2014

November 2014 Construction

Weaver Boos Consultants/Anchor Construction TI – South Bend, Indiana
Tyler Kelsey – Project Architect; Joined Holladay in 2014

My favorite project so far has been the renovation of the former Brown Mackie facility on Grape Road for Weaver Boos Consultants/Anchor Construction. This tenant improvement project was my first project as a Holladay employee and it afforded me the opportunity to make an immediate contribution to the everyday workings of the company. It was a lot of fun working with Al Lusk and Lance Malstaff from Holladay Construction Group in achieving a completed project on time and to the tenant’s satisfaction.

April Construction PhotoMay 2014 ConstructionJune 2014 Construction

Building Exterior

Do you have your own favorite Holladay project? Tell us about it in the comments section below.