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(South Bend, Ind.) – Cassie Sprigg is an Administrative Assistant for the South Bend Property Management Department. She is currently active with the United Way of St. Joseph County.

Cassie-SpriggAt the annual United Way of St. Joseph County Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, Cassie Sprigg was honored with the award for Campaign Manager of the Year, for her efforts in the 2016 South Bend office fundraiser which raised $18,100 for the charitable organization.

“Defeating poverty in our community has been, and continues to be a passion of mine; and I know that our local branch is affecting tremendous change by supporting programs that guide those who are less fortunate toward long-term stability,” Sprigg said. “I would not have been given this great recognition, without the wonderful support of my company.”

Cassie is currently a member of several United Way committees. Find out more about the United Way of St. Joseph County or donate at: http://www.uwsjc.org/.