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A team of 14 Holladay employees, and two of their family members, joined Hands on Nashville (“HON”) on July 29 in their effort to supply 300 kids in need with refurbished bikes that were donated by generous members of the community, aptly name ReCYCLE.

Holladay assisted by registering families, fitting kids with helmets and the correct size bikes, teaching bike safety, organization, and clean up. HON’s mission for 25 years has been to meet community needs through volunteerism and this is just one of the numerous events held throughout the year.


“Seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces once they found their new bike was priceless and the highlight of my day!” exclaimed Candalee Kumar, Lease Administration Manager and organizer of the Holladay in the Community program.


“Arguably the most ubiquitous machine ever invented, the bicycle has served to transport, entertain and excite virtually all of us at some point in our lives. A bicycle represents opportunity; to see new places, make new friends and build self-confidence through mastery of a skill,” said George Livingston, Contract Coordinator. “My first bicycle awakened and inflamed a passion within me that still burns, and ReCYCLE is a chance to connect with vulnerable youth in our community and share with them the joys of owning a bicycle.”


“There were many inspiring people at the event, from an 80-year-old volunteer to a rambunctious 5-year-old ‘Evel Knievel in-the-making.’ I couldn’t help but smile as I contributed in my small way,” added George. “Re-CYCLE is doing good things for our at risk communities and I am proud of Holladay for supporting their efforts.”


Jeff Ottman, EVP-Operations, expressed “I enjoyed the ReCYCLE event immensely. Experiencing a child’s joy of a new bicycle was something I missed since my two boys have aged. And then watching what type of bike was chosen was as much fun: a pure road bike for a teenager, a bike from the movie ‘Frozen,’ or simply the bike with the red tires with a back shock. Lots of smiles that day.”