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Every St. Patrick’s Day, our South Bend office gets festive, and celebrates the holiday with a potluck. The tradition began 3 years ago in 2015, when Social Media Coordinator, Cassie Sprigg, started working for the Property Management branch.

“When I started working at Holladay, one of the first things that I was told was that we were a group that liked to have fun,” said Cassie. “When I heard that we hadn’t had a fun event since the Christmas party, I knew St. Patrick’s Day would be the perfect time to get everyone back together for some delicious food and great company.”

2018-03-16 StLeft to Right: Kathy Williams, Nora Wiseman and Cassie Sprigg

Those who attended the event were each asked to bring in one green or Irish-themed dish to share with the group, guaranteeing both a variety and a plentiful supply of food for all. Amongst the star dishes were Mary Baker’s Reuben Dip, Maureen Johnson’s Deviled Eggs, Kathy Williams’ Corned Beef, and Kit Suhovecky’s famous Green Punch.

“We always have more than enough food, but – in the end – I would rather have leftovers, than run out!” Exclaimed Cassie, who is still polishing off the leftovers.

2018-03-16 St 2Left to Right: Manette Tepe, Maureen Johnson, Tim Baker, Diane Sopczynski, Cassie Sprigg and Amanda Domalewski

We can’t wait for our next potluck: Cinco de Mayo!