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BY: Marcy Coffman
Executive Assistant, Office Manager – Nashville

To continue the theme of showing our gratitude to our vendors, our two Florida markets held their first Vendor Appreciation events in July. The events provide the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with those service personnel that really represent Holladay when they perform work on our properties and in the buildings we manage.

2018 FL Vendor Appreciation 2Jill Cooper of Blown Away takes a swing at a target.

The Central Florida event was held on July 18 at Topgolf Orlando. Kelly Dillard, Property Manager (Kissimmee/Orlando) organized the event, which was a huge success with more than 30 in attendance. All participants were extremely grateful for the recognition. “I am quite proud to work for an organization that understands the value in nurturing the relationship with our vendor partners and allows us to give back to those who give so much to us,” exclaimed Kelly.

“I want to thank you for the great time at Topgolf,” wrote David Lutz, Red Coats, Inc. “What a great place to sit, relax and forget about the cares of the world for a while!”

2018 FL Vendor Appreciation 1
Vendors mingle with Holladay employees at Topgolf Orlando.

On July 19, the South Florida event was at a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s CRYSTAL at the BB&T Center, which was organized by Jacqueline Fermin, Director of Property Management (Florida). “The South Florida Vendor Appreciation event was appreciated and enjoyed by all,” expressed Jackie. “Many of the vendors said that it was the first time in the history of their career that a property management firm hosted an event on their behalf to thank them for their service.”

In a handwritten note from Arely Castellon, Sparkle Team, “What a wonderful evening! That Holladay took the time, effort and expense to thank your vendors is unheard of and says so much about your company. It is truly a pleasure working with you and your team—you’ve got great people! Thank you for the appreciation—we love being your partner!”

2018 FL Vendor Appreciation 3Vendors and Holladay employees taken before the Cirque du Soleil performance with Trish Nowicki of Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers (2nd row, 4th from left) and Dawn Bedgood and Edwin Contreras of DWK Industries (2nd row, 7th and 8th from left).

“When we first received the invite, we were so impressed that Holladay took the time and effort to plan an event for their service providers. We’ve never seen anything like it in our 15 years of business here in South Florida,” said Lynda Bowie, Modern Image Landscape & Design. “We also enjoyed meeting your leadership and were amazed they came all the way from Nashville to meet all of us.”

Bill Wiener, Airstron, wrote, “I want to thank you for putting together this wonderful event. Great show, great food and great drinks!”