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A tradition exists every fall that draws employees in from around Michiana to compete in a battle for glory and bragging rights…

The Annual Chili Cookoff.


On Wednesday, October 7th, Holladay Properties’ South Bend office hosted the event at the Holladay-owned Hilton Garden Inn on State Road 933. A group of 16 chefs comprised of employees from the South Bend and Portage commercial offices, as well as Maple Lane Apartments and West Jefferson Apartments, competed in the 2-tiered competition for the titles of Best Chili and Best Dessert.

2018 Chili 2

Competitors arrived at 10:30 AM to drop off their dishes, in hopes of a victory. The Chili Cookoff Committee led by Amanda Domalewski, Melissa Fowler-Nelson, Cassie Sprigg, Shelby Seifer and Diane Sopczynski then removed the chilies from their crockpots, carefully placing them in unmarked chaffing dishes, so that the judging would be impartial. Desserts were also put out and prepared for distribution to the judges.

The first tier of the cookoff involved a panel of 6 judges who were charged with awarding a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place dish based on their scores for the following:

Appearance, aroma, consistency, initial taste and aftertaste

Appearance, taste, difficulty and creativity

Judges Elliot Lusk and Mary Baker
With the judge’s tasting complete, it was time to open the dishes for general audience review. Employees were able to sample each chili and dessert, and then vote for one of each item to win the coveted People’s Choice award.
After filling their stomachs to the brim, the results were in:

1st Place – Melissa Morin
2nd Place – Wills Gardner
3rd Place – Shasta Kreighbaum
People’s Choice – Shasta Kreighbaum

1st Place – Kathy Williams
2nd Place – Cassie Sprigg
3rd Place – Lauren Quiett
People’s Choice – Cassie Sprigg

2018 Chili 3
Winners Melissa Morin, Cassie Sprigg, Kathy Williams, Shasta Kreighbaum and Wills Gardner

Our winners now not only have bragging rights for the year, but also several fun prizes including PTO, gift-cards, hotel stays, etc. to enjoy as their spoils.

2018 Chili 9Kathy Williams, Shasta Kreighbaum and Sicerie Brooks

2018 Chili 11Cassie Sprigg and Shelby Seifer

Fun was had by all at the event, and we can’t wait until next year’s competition.

Congratulations to our winners!