Who’s Up for a Picnic?


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BY: Marcy Coffman
Executive Assistant/Office Manager – Nashville, TN

On Friday June 15, Holladay Properties employees and their families attended the Mid-South Company Picnic.

For the first time ever all Nashville offices closed at noon so that everyone could gather at Centennial Park by 2:00 p.m. As a result we had 71% participation [those that didn’t attend either had scheduled PTO or a work obligation]. Additionally, Property Manager Patty Doss (Calvert, MD) and her son Matt attended the Picnic to represent the Midwest team.

At the Park Holladay reserved the pavilion with lots of tables and an adjacent grassy area. The covered space was used for table games (two giant Jenga, Uno and other board games) and a jumbo Connect Four; the lawn was suitable for three inflatable structures (bouncy house, baseball challenge, and an obstacle course), two corn hole games, and a Frisbee area.

EVP-Operations Jeff Ottman welcomed everyone to the Picnic and made some announcements. He gave recognition to those with June birthdays as well as re-announced the recent CNL and HCP award winners. Then, he ‘turned the floor’ over
to Candalee Kumar, Lease Administration Manager, to discuss Holladay in the community.

2018-06-15 Nashville Picnic

Candalee explained that our community involvement efforts are going so well that two new ways to honor dedicated volunteers will be rolled out soon. The first of which is a plaque that displays those who have participated at a certain number of opportunities; the name plate will change for each tier achieved (black for 5+ events, silver for 10+, and gold for 20+). The second is a new ‘dedicated volunteer’ t-shirt that was designed by Jayme Baldwin, COI Coordinator. Jeff wrapped up his comments by reading the
names of the 22 Holladay Mid-South Division employees that will celebrate their 10+ year anniversary with the company in 2018.

After the announcements, the group enjoyed a catered barbecue with all the fixin’s, exchanged introductions between family members and guests, and engaged in friendly competition with the games and activities provided. The event began with a typical sweltering heat, but concluded with a quick (20 minute) downpour with high winds and hail. I guess you could say that the Picnic just about had it all!

Gabriel Morales, Accountant, exclaimed “The Picnic was phenomenal. It was a well thought out, organized, fun company/family event. My whole family enjoyed it. Thank you.”

“You did an awesome job! My family had a lot of fun,” said Brianna West, Property Manager (Holladay-owned).

Thank you, Holladay Properties, for supporting the Events Committee (Jayme Baldwin, Marcy Coffman, Candalee Kumar and Micah Williams) in planning and executing a memorable Company Picnic with group interaction, good food, and super-fun
activities. We are happy to report that no serious injuries, no sunburns, and no dehydration resulted from the event!


OWE = Growth


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BY: Jeff Ottman
Partner, Executive Vice President of Operations – Nashville, TN

Often my mother told me that I was my own worst enemy. Usually, this was said after I had a lapse of common sense. With age, I recognize that people are often their own worst enemy.

It’s human nature.

We make bad decisions, accept things at face value, avoid difficult conversations, become inflexible, or mix household chemicals in the sink. “Yes, mother . . . I am aware that was  not a good idea.”


Organizations can be their own worst enemies. We can over-complicate our work, allow communication to deteriorate, avoid crucial conversations, damage our internal relationships, overuse positional authority, or lessen our engagement.

Again, this is human nature… Except an organization’s lack of common sense becomes magnified.

OWE Leadership

During May’s leadership meeting, I discussed ‘OWE’ topics (see above) – those activities / policies / practices that were hurting us. The leadership team identified several topics. We divided into groups to further define them and present possible solutions. Following the meeting, we compiled about 30 different initiatives. This seems like a lot… and it is.

However, most are common sense solutions: enhance clarity; simplify the process; don’t mix random chemicals or change the performance expectation. Some initiatives will require real effort. The team is dividing and conquering these topics. They are empowered to assume ownership of them, build consensus around the solution, and drive them to completion.

I encourage you to ask the leadership team about their topics and discuss any that you may have. Our mission is to drive service to our employees, tenants, and clients.


Overcoming that which makes us our own worst enemy allows us to fulfill our mission and grow as individuals and as an organization.

Caricatures for Character


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At Holladay Properties, we believe it is important to cultivate the talents and strengths of our employees, and acknowledge how each individual’s contributions blend together to create a cohesive and productive work environment. While the South Bend Property Management department has found success with the Gung Ho! method, over the past few years our Mid-South division has been working with Relationship Architects Lori Weir and Shari Strong to bring focus to the employees’ “Talents2Strengths.”

Each month, Lori and Shari host classes for Holladay’s Mid-South Division to encourage them to build upon their strengths, and employ them more efficiently. As Lori explains, these programs are “opportunities to fortify the way that we direct or aim our strengths at what we do and to take our decision-making to yet another level.”

“It has been unique to see how each person’s Top 5 Strengths fit into their personal life as well and their work life,” says Director of Property Management Jackie Fermin. “It has been inspiring to see how each of us balance each other. Some of us have a strength that another doesn’t have, and when we are frustrated we will reach out to one another and say, ‘Hey, can you give me some of your Relator or Achiever or Ideation?”

To celebrate her team’s progress and successes cultivated from participating in the Talents2Strengths programming, Jackie recently ordered pop-art of the Senior Leadership and GEO Team that help her to run the Florida region. Enjoy the pictures below!

      Allen Arender Pop Art     Bill Roden Pop Art
Allen Arender – EVP of Development and Bill Roden – SVP of Asset Management & Finance

Brian Pop Art     Francisco Pop Art
Brian Wilcox – Regional Director of Brokerage and Francisco Fermin – Construction Manager

Grace Peacock Pop Art     JacquelineFerminPopArt
Grace Peacock – CPA, Controller of Healthcare Operations and Jackie Fermin – Director of Property Management

Jeff Howell Pop Art     Jeff Ottman Pop Art
Jeff Howell – Director of Engineering and Jeff Ottman – Partner, EVP of Operations

Kelly Manion     Ken Whitaker Pop Art
Kelly Manion – SVP of Property Management and Ken Whitaker – SVP of Healthcare and Capital Management

Marcy Coffman Pop Art     Tiffany Coursey Pop Art
Marcy Coffman – Executive Assistant/Office Manger and Tiffany Coursey – Human Resources Director

Thank you for being you and for making the Holladay team one of the BEST teams to be a part of!

2018 BOMA MOB Conference Recap


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By Marcy Coffman
Executive Assistant/Office Manager (Nashville, TN)

Holladay Properties was well-represented at the healthcare real estate industry’s largest, most respected conference. Holladay team members attended the BOMA MOB Conference (Houston, TX) in early May to stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.

Today’s healthcare real estate is undergoing vast shifts, with new strategies needed to successfully navigate the many new demands, regulations and property designs. Medical property investors, developers and owners need expert insights into important trends and challenges in order to capitalize on the many new investment opportunities. To map a bright future, Holladay joined industry leaders and respected experts for the year’s most informative healthcare real estate conference to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.

In addition, Tracy Francis, Director of Brokerage Services-Tennessee, created the theme for the Holladay booth based on the popular TV game show, “Holladay Properties – where your properties are never in Jeopardy!” The game board attracted many Conference attendees; 1,000+ senior executives and professionals from all facets of the healthcare real estate sector attend the Conference.


Sample questions included:

“This real estate company’s construction department managed over $200 million in Tenant and Capital Improvements in the last 10 years.”

“The engineers in this firm integrated a new boiler system into the building management system that reduced gas usage by over 50%.”

“This company’s accounting department perform 1,700 CAM reconciliations a year.”

Of course, the response for all these questions is Holladay Properties.

Click HERE to learn more about the BOMA MOB Conference.

Holladay in the Community


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Being active in our communities is something we value at Holladay Properties. In our latest issues of “Holladay Happenings” and our corporate newsletter, Nashville Executive Assistant and Office Manager Marcy Coffman and Marketing Director Amanda Watson shared a bit about our recent community ventures in the Mid-South region.

Electronics Re-cycling Event (Fairfax, VA)
We recently completed a Holladay in the Community at Yorktown 50 by hosting an Electronics Re-cycling event, which donated 525 pounds of electronics to the Goodwill of Greater Washington,” announced Tina Rogers, Property Manager.

Fairfax VA Electronics DonationProperty Manager Tina Rogers, Building Porter Mario Carcia and Maintenance Engineer Eddie Campos

In March, Holladay Properties and Yorktown 50 hosted the event in conjunction with Ampajen Solutions and Goodwill of Greater Washington. Amanda Timmons of Ampajen Solutions of Colorado is coordinating the LEED certification for Yorktown 50 and was instrumental in bringing together Holladay Properties and Goodwill of Greater Washington for the re-cycling event. The event enabled Yorktown practices and employees to recycle electronic equipment ranging from computers, monitors, laptops to gaming consoles. This event was well received.

The Goodwill provides certified data destruction and will either resell usable equipment or Dell Computers will re-cycle the components. This project works to keep toxic waste out of the landfills.

Active Shooter Training (Calvert, MD)

On April 15, an active shooter training was held at Calvert MOB with help from the local police and hospital security.

Patty Doss, Property manager, said, “The drill went well and there was a good turnout of hospital and building staff who participated. The photos are a little chilling… good to know it was only a drill!”

Baltimore City State Attorney’s 5k Fund Run (Baltimore, MD)

On April 7, our Eastern Region office sponsored and participated in the 2018 Baltimore City State Attorney’s 5k Fund Run for Victim’s Assistance, an event which raises money for the Crime Victim’s Emergency Fund. Senior Vice President Austin Haynes pulled together a team of four and gathered with others in Druid Hill Park to run the 5K in support of the Crime Victim’s Emergency Fund, which provides victims of domestic violence, robbery, assault and child abuse in the community with immediate care and assistance. “The event was a terrific success and a lot of money was raised for a terrific cause,” Haynes said of the event.

Fun Run

Wally F. Holladay Entrepeneurial Excellence Award (Indianapolis, IN)

Holladay was proud to once again be an underwriting sponsor of the NAIOP/ULI University Challenge, where students from Ball State University, Butler University, Indiana State University, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and University of Indianapolis compete for the Wally F. Holladay Entrepreneurial Excellence Award and a $5,000 Scholarship provided by the Opus Foundation.

Wally Scholarship

Always Our Greatest Kid


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April 27th was a night for celebration. Under the soft lighting of the Gillespie Conference & Event Center Ballroom, hundreds of guests watched as President and CEO John Phair rode a green bicycle onstage to accept the award for the Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County’s “Greatest Big Kid” of 2018.
As everyone knows, John has always had a servant’s heart. Throughout the years, giving back to the community has been a passion of his. This year, one of the ways he chose to give back to St. Joseph County was by participating in the Boys & Girls Club’s annual Greatest Kids Fundraiser. The event paired six local leaders with youths who were nominated for “Youth of the Year,” to raise money in support of the organization which currently serves over 1,100 children in South Bend and Mishawaka. John and his partner, a young man named KaSaun, quickly became friends as they began fundraising as Team Green. Through social media platforms, social gatherings and word-of-mouth, patrons were encouraged to learn more about the wonderful work of the Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County, and pledge their votes ($50 each)  for Team Green. After a few hard months of fundraising, participants and their guests gathered together to see the results and crown a winner as well as recognize the “Youth of the Year”.
Dressed in vibrant green suits, John and KaSaun arrived at the Gillespie Center on the night of the award ceremony and live auction, excited to see the final results of their efforts. Each team had decorated their tables in their respective colors to show their spirit, and Team Green’s did not disappoint. Their table was adorned with an impressive mountain of bright green glowsticks, and other eyecatching trinkets. Several of our Holladay Properties Partners joined in on the fun, dressed in different shades of green, as well. One – who shall not be named – even donned a ‘Green Man’ costume, to act as a team mascot.
With the completion of the live auction, it was finally time to award the victors. After earning an impressive 1,610 votes, it was announced that Team Green had raised over $80,500, making them the overall winners! John proudly accepted his crystal crown for 2018’s Greatest Big Kid, as the crowd cheered on. “…Lots of laughter and enjoyment was shared by the over 500 guests,” Partner and Sr. Vice President of Development Manette Tepe described of the event. “Not only was the evening a lot of fun but it was a HUGE success. We are still counting but at this time we have raised over $400k!”
We have always known John is a big kid at heart. Now the community knows he is the Greatest.