Nashville holds 2017 company picnic


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On Saturday, June 3, Holladay Properties personnel and their families were invited to the Company Picnic.  For a second year in a row, the event was held at YMCA Camp Widjiwagan where the attendees participated in team events (sack race, 3-legged race, relay race, and tug-of-war), enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch, and played Camp activities (kangaroo jump, zip line, pool/splash pad, wet willie slide, and canoes/kayaks).

zip line

Zip-lining at the 2017 Nashville Company Picnic.

The team event winners were: FIRST Place was Brad Pierce, Maintenance Supervisor (Centennial); second place were Marcy Coffman, Executive Assistant/Office Manager, and Rachel Harrison, Accountant-HCP (Elm Hill Pike); and third place was Jeff Ottman, EVP-Operations, and Sarah Rexrode, AR Lead (Elm Hill Pike).  Bragging rights apply.

potato sack race

Time for potato-sack races!

“Even with Acute Bronchitis, a slight case Pneumonia and a sinus infection, there was NO WAY that I was going to miss the Company Picnic,” stated Carrie Jo Carman, Lease Administrator.  “I look forward to it all year. In fact, it could easily be one of my favorite days of the year. It’s nice being able to see people outside of the office, meet the family members that are spoken of at work, and have a fun and relaxing day.”

tug of war

Tug of war!

Thank you, Holladay Properties, for supporting the Events Committee (Jayme Baldwin, Marcy Coffman, Candalee Kumar, and Micah Williams) to plan and execute a memorable Company Picnic with group interaction, good food, and super-fun activities.  We are happy to report that no serious injuries, no sunburns, and no dehydration resulted from the event!

Nashville Events Committee

Events Committee Members Marcy Coffman (Exe. Asst./Office Manager), Jayme Baldwin (COI Coordinator), and Candalee Kumar (Lease Administration Manager).

Computer Security and You


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By Bill Starkweather, IT Director

Several weeks ago, we witnessed a coordinated global cyber-attack known as WannaCry. It is one of the biggest cyber-attacks ever, impacting over 150 countries and infecting more than 250,000 machines. WannaCry was a type of malicious software (malware) classified as ransomware. This type of attack encrypts files on your computer and requires that you pay a ransom to unlock those files.

Specifically, this attack exposed a vulnerability in Windows and focused on two group of computers:

  1. Computers running outdated versions of Windows that are no longer supported by Microsoft. Since they are no longer supported, Microsoft does not provide patches or updates to these systems.
  2. Computers whose version of Windows are supported, but failed to install the patch supplied by Microsoft in March of 2017.

There are things you and your IT support can do to help protect your home and work devices.

  1. Ensure that you have all of the latest software patches installed on all of your equipment.
  2. Check your devices to make sure that your Virus protection software is up to date and functioning properly.
  3. Ensure that your email SPAM filter is performing as expected. This will help stop inbound email attacks by preventing users from receiving harmful emails. The Wannacry attack came in via email and then attacked the vulnerability in the operating system.
  4. Provide Internet website and content filtering to prevent harmful websites.


You can take additional steps to protect your files, network, and devices such as closing all of your applications, restarting your computer, and leaving it at the login screen at the end of the day or when you’re finished using it. Benefits of following this practice include:

  1. You won’t lose files in case of power loss, because you’re not leaving any unsaved files open.
  2. Microsoft Windows operating system updates are installed in middle of night, instead of when you turn your PC on. This helps prevent excess network traffic occurring first thing in the morning and your computer will not be slowed down while updates are being installed when you need to use it.


Another thing you can do is be mindful of the emails that you are opening. We’ve touched on this in previous blogs so be sure to check out How to Recognize and Defend against Cyber Attacks – Part 1 and Part 2 or Let’s Talk Cyber Security – Again! for more information. Some tips to keep in  mind when checking emails:

  • SPAM filters and AntiVirus software will capture harmful emails and email attachments, but nothing is 100% and you should only open emails and attachments from a trusted source.
  • If you find an email in your SPAM folder, think about whether you really need it, because it was quarantined for a reason by the SPAM filter.
  • If you have any questions about whether or not to open an email, error on the side of caution and contact I/T support if possible.


One last helpful hint to protect your computer from cyber attacks: be careful about the internet sites you are accessing. Internet sites can contain harmful files and links. You should only visit sites that you are familiar with or are from a reputable company. Download with care, too. Files should only be downloaded from a known site.

I hope you find these tips helpful and use this advice to keep both your personal and professional networks protected!


2017 Sunburst



By Maureen Johnson, HR Director


The race is on!

Saturday, June 3rd was the perfect day to enjoy the outdoors in South Bend, IN. And that is what several Holladay employees did, along with about 6,000 other runners/walkers, by participating in the 2017 Sunburst.

This was Holladay’s 4th year participating in this event, presented by Key Bank and considered to be one of the premier running events in the Midwest. Marathon runners can even use their finishing time in the Sunburst to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Proceeds from this race benefited the Child Life Services at Beacon’s Children Hospital.

Sunburst 2017

The Holladay team (from left): Walking buddies Linda Dombrowski and Diane Sopczynski, John Phair, Maureen Johnson, Todd Topolsko, and Cassie Sprigg.


Late for the group photo, so they get one of their own: Team Amanda Macias.

Our employees were able to participate in the marathon, half-marathon, 10K, 5K races and the 5K walk. John Phair met his walking goal of 55 minutes or less and Todd Topolski was close to his goal, stating that the hill on the course (formerly called the Hallelujah Hill) was his nemesis. Diane Sopczynski and her friend Linda Dombrowski set a goal of finishing in one hour, and they finished in 59 minutes 11 seconds. And newcomer, Cassie Sprigg said she met her goal, too…she survived!


Even though this event was indeed a workout, it also served as an opportunity for Holladay employees to bond together outside of an office setting, even if it was bonding through sweat! So, we are excited to do this again and look forward to Sunburst 2018 and having even more participants from Holladay!


Recognizing Our People in the Community – Cassie Sprigg


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(South Bend, Ind.) – Cassie Sprigg is an Administrative Assistant for the South Bend Property Management Department. She is currently active with the United Way of St. Joseph County.

Cassie-SpriggAt the annual United Way of St. Joseph County Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, Cassie Sprigg was honored with the award for Campaign Manager of the Year, for her efforts in the 2016 South Bend office fundraiser which raised $18,100 for the charitable organization.

“Defeating poverty in our community has been, and continues to be a passion of mine; and I know that our local branch is affecting tremendous change by supporting programs that guide those who are less fortunate toward long-term stability,” Sprigg said. “I would not have been given this great recognition, without the wonderful support of my company.”

Cassie is currently a member of several United Way committees. Find out more about the United Way of St. Joseph County or donate at:

April Announcements


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We had a pretty exciting April, from the Grand Opening of the Fairfield Inn & Suites® Ashland/Richmond, to the donation of 10-acres of land in Chesterton, IN, to a new project announcement in Nashville, TN, and much more. Read below to find our key company announcements from April 2017.

Employees are leaving Holladay

Employee News

(Nashville, Tenn.) – Robyn Robertson, AP Specialist, completed the requirements, passed the accounts payable manager certification examination, and is acknowledged as an accredited payables manager. She received her Accounts Payable Certification from the Institute of Finance & Management.

(Nashville, Tenn.) – Congratulations to Parnter & SVP-Development, Allen Arender, for making the Nashville Post’s 2017 In Charge – Real Estate list for the second consecutive year!

(South Bend, Ind.) – Holladay Properties President & CEO, John Phair, offered his industry insights in a recent article from Inside Indiana Business. Click here to find out what he has to say about the current state of the industrial market in Indiana.



(Chesterton, Ind.) – Holladay Properties has donated 10-acres of land in the Coffee Creek watershed to the Westchester Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Continue reading…

(Nashville, Tenn.) – Holladay Properties is part of a team of commercial real estate professionals who have been awarded a development agreement for a new transit oriented development located on 5.1 acres of land near the Donelson Station train stop. Continue reading…

(Ashland, Va.) – Holladay Properties’ 9th operating hotel, the Fairfield Inn & Suites Ashland/Richmond is now open within our 185-acre Winding Brook commercial development. The four-story, 103 room hotel is located right off of I-95 at exit 89 near Richmond, Va., and features free Wi-Fi throughout, a pool and fitness center, and a vibrant, modern design.

In the Community

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Holladay Properties has donated $5,000 to Indy City Futbol so the team can purchase soccer goals. Indy City Futbol practices and holds matches at Central Greens, a 150-acre mixed-use village on the near Westside of Indianapolis, IN. The Central Greens project is one of Holladay’s joint venture developments.

(Nashville, Tenn.) – March Madness continued through April 3 in the main Nashville office with a Hoops Contest for a Cause. On Monday, April 3, each of the 16 contestants tried to make as many baskets as possible from a designated distance in 60-seconds.  The winner of each pairing went on to the next round until a Champion was determined — Chad DeRossett, Leasing Agent, won the contest. The money raised from entries and other contributions was donated to Give Me 10, a nonprofit community led movement to address the issue of hunger among children in East Nashville.  Currently, East Nashville has six districts with a 30% poverty rate or higher (2-times the national rate).  Give Me 10 was founded in 2013 in response to students, who depend on school meals, facing hunger during school breaks. Supported by the community and local schools, Give Me 10 has met the food, clothing and other daily needs of more than 200 East Nashville families.






Creating a menu for retail with a side of medical


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Jeff-Ottman_YellowJeff Ottman, Partner and Executive Vice President of Operations out of our Nashville, TN office, had an article published in the April 19 – May 2, 2017 edition of the Colorado Real Estate Journal. We’re so proud of him and we think his article on how to take care of medical tenants in a retail setting is worth sharing here. So, without further ado, here is Jeff’s article, “Creating a menu for retail with a side of medical”.


Last month my youngest son complained of a fever as were returning home from an evening basketball game. I checked my best news source – social media. Yes, influenza is rampant through schools. Parental decision-making began. First we had to gather intelligence. Did we get flu shots this year? Yes. Are you sure? Yes! Are you really sick? Yes. Does he feel hot? Yes. How many kids were out today? Four. Are you sure you’re sure he feels hot? Yes! Ok, we are going to DEFCON 1! This is not a drill.

We were fortunate to find an after-hours pediatric clinic that was located within a retail development. The pharmacy, grocery and a take-out restaurant were all right there. I began to relax. We would survive the night. Plus, I was hungry for Chinese.

Healthcare is evolving and no one is certain of its next form. Regardless of future regulation, health care providers must adapt their service delivery model to meet the demands of a growing and aging population. Medical use will continue to expand in locations that offer user convenience – retail as well  as traditional office near retail.  Property owners and managers should be familiar with the unique demands of medical tenants.

First and foremost, medical tenants provide services to those who are sick and injured, who often are accompanied by friends or family. Simply stated, patient traffic creates additional demands on parking, common area elements and entryway elements. Sick patients may encounter difficulty driving and walking. Slip-and-falls are more frequent as well as parking lot accidents.

DSCN2160Second, utility service and consumption should provide the capacity required by the medical tenant. With sinks in most, if not all, exam rooms, water consumption may be significant. Electrical consumption is impacted not only by typical office equipment but also by specialized medical equipment. For example, dialysis requires exceptional amounts of water. Imaging equipment will consume a significant amount of electricity. Procedure or surgical rooms may require additional cooling.

Third, and perhaps the most critical, is janitorial needs. Medical tenants expect cleanliness inside and out as do their patients. Often night cleaning is supplemented during the day with a day porter. With additional janitorial comes extra cleaning supplies and possibly more waste removal. Additionally, medical tenants generate medical waste, which needs to be dealt with independent of routine waste.

In a mixed-use environment, these considerations may impact a property owner’s cost, a property manager’s budgets and, if not analyzed correctly, other tenant’s common area maintenance charges. Informed owners and managers recognize the medical user’s unique needs. Certainly several of these may be carved out of the land-lord’s responsibilities, but often a medical user is an expert in treating patients. We need to be the experts in providing them the space and community to deliver their services.