Vendor Appreciation: Part II


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BY: Marcy Coffman
Executive Assistant, Office Manager – Nashville

To continue the theme of showing our gratitude to our vendors, our two Florida markets held their first Vendor Appreciation events in July. The events provide the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with those service personnel that really represent Holladay when they perform work on our properties and in the buildings we manage.

2018 FL Vendor Appreciation 2Jill Cooper of Blown Away takes a swing at a target.

The Central Florida event was held on July 18 at Topgolf Orlando. Kelly Dillard, Property Manager (Kissimmee/Orlando) organized the event, which was a huge success with more than 30 in attendance. All participants were extremely grateful for the recognition. “I am quite proud to work for an organization that understands the value in nurturing the relationship with our vendor partners and allows us to give back to those who give so much to us,” exclaimed Kelly.

“I want to thank you for the great time at Topgolf,” wrote David Lutz, Red Coats, Inc. “What a great place to sit, relax and forget about the cares of the world for a while!”

2018 FL Vendor Appreciation 1
Vendors mingle with Holladay employees at Topgolf Orlando.

On July 19, the South Florida event was at a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s CRYSTAL at the BB&T Center, which was organized by Jacqueline Fermin, Director of Property Management (Florida). “The South Florida Vendor Appreciation event was appreciated and enjoyed by all,” expressed Jackie. “Many of the vendors said that it was the first time in the history of their career that a property management firm hosted an event on their behalf to thank them for their service.”

In a handwritten note from Arely Castellon, Sparkle Team, “What a wonderful evening! That Holladay took the time, effort and expense to thank your vendors is unheard of and says so much about your company. It is truly a pleasure working with you and your team—you’ve got great people! Thank you for the appreciation—we love being your partner!”

2018 FL Vendor Appreciation 3Vendors and Holladay employees taken before the Cirque du Soleil performance with Trish Nowicki of Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers (2nd row, 4th from left) and Dawn Bedgood and Edwin Contreras of DWK Industries (2nd row, 7th and 8th from left).

“When we first received the invite, we were so impressed that Holladay took the time and effort to plan an event for their service providers. We’ve never seen anything like it in our 15 years of business here in South Florida,” said Lynda Bowie, Modern Image Landscape & Design. “We also enjoyed meeting your leadership and were amazed they came all the way from Nashville to meet all of us.”

Bill Wiener, Airstron, wrote, “I want to thank you for putting together this wonderful event. Great show, great food and great drinks!”



2018 Summer Blood Drive


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BY: Shelby Seifer
Administrative Assistant, Corporate Receptionist – South Bend

Giving back to the community has always been a top priority for Holladay Properties. One of our ways of serving others in the month of July was the corporate office’s 2018 Summer Blood Drive sponsored by the South Bend Medical Foundation.




Did you know that every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood? Just one car accident victim can require up to 100 pints of blood. About 750 whole blood donations are needed each week in the South Bend community to maintain an adequate supply for area hospitals and doctor offices. It is extremely important for us to do our part in helping our medical professionals collect the supplies they need.

For almost two months before the drive, recruiting efforts began to retrieve as many donors as possible.  Posters were made, announcements were sent out to both staff and our downtown tenants, and the donor list began filling up.

Blood Drive 2

On July 25th, the South Bend Medical Foundation parked their Bloodmobile in our executive parking spaces, prepared to take our donations. Members of the Holladay staff, neighboring businesses, and tenants from our downtown South Bend properties donated blood to help those in need. A total of 13 whole blood donations were accepted this year which has the potential to save 39 lives!

white plastic syringe

We would like to thank Erin Noonan, Blood Donor Recruitment Specialist, from the South Bend Medical Foundation for coordinating the drive as well as her team for bringing the Bloodmobile out and making sure it ran smoothly.  At Holladay Properties, we look for any opportunity to serve those in our community and plan on continuing to do so in the years to come.


Who’s Up for a Picnic?


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BY: Marcy Coffman
Executive Assistant/Office Manager – Nashville, TN

On Friday June 15, Holladay Properties employees and their families attended the Mid-South Company Picnic.

For the first time ever all Nashville offices closed at noon so that everyone could gather at Centennial Park by 2:00 p.m. As a result we had 71% participation [those that didn’t attend either had scheduled PTO or a work obligation]. Additionally, Property Manager Patty Doss (Calvert, MD) and her son Matt attended the Picnic to represent the Midwest team.

At the Park Holladay reserved the pavilion with lots of tables and an adjacent grassy area. The covered space was used for table games (two giant Jenga, Uno and other board games) and a jumbo Connect Four; the lawn was suitable for three inflatable structures (bouncy house, baseball challenge, and an obstacle course), two corn hole games, and a Frisbee area.

EVP-Operations Jeff Ottman welcomed everyone to the Picnic and made some announcements. He gave recognition to those with June birthdays as well as re-announced the recent CNL and HCP award winners. Then, he ‘turned the floor’ over
to Candalee Kumar, Lease Administration Manager, to discuss Holladay in the community.

2018-06-15 Nashville Picnic

Candalee explained that our community involvement efforts are going so well that two new ways to honor dedicated volunteers will be rolled out soon. The first of which is a plaque that displays those who have participated at a certain number of opportunities; the name plate will change for each tier achieved (black for 5+ events, silver for 10+, and gold for 20+). The second is a new ‘dedicated volunteer’ t-shirt that was designed by Jayme Baldwin, COI Coordinator. Jeff wrapped up his comments by reading the
names of the 22 Holladay Mid-South Division employees that will celebrate their 10+ year anniversary with the company in 2018.

After the announcements, the group enjoyed a catered barbecue with all the fixin’s, exchanged introductions between family members and guests, and engaged in friendly competition with the games and activities provided. The event began with a typical sweltering heat, but concluded with a quick (20 minute) downpour with high winds and hail. I guess you could say that the Picnic just about had it all!

Gabriel Morales, Accountant, exclaimed “The Picnic was phenomenal. It was a well thought out, organized, fun company/family event. My whole family enjoyed it. Thank you.”

“You did an awesome job! My family had a lot of fun,” said Brianna West, Property Manager (Holladay-owned).

Thank you, Holladay Properties, for supporting the Events Committee (Jayme Baldwin, Marcy Coffman, Candalee Kumar and Micah Williams) in planning and executing a memorable Company Picnic with group interaction, good food, and super-fun
activities. We are happy to report that no serious injuries, no sunburns, and no dehydration resulted from the event!

OWE = Growth


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BY: Jeff Ottman
Partner, Executive Vice President of Operations – Nashville, TN

Often my mother told me that I was my own worst enemy. Usually, this was said after I had a lapse of common sense. With age, I recognize that people are often their own worst enemy.

It’s human nature.

We make bad decisions, accept things at face value, avoid difficult conversations, become inflexible, or mix household chemicals in the sink. “Yes, mother . . . I am aware that was  not a good idea.”


Organizations can be their own worst enemies. We can over-complicate our work, allow communication to deteriorate, avoid crucial conversations, damage our internal relationships, overuse positional authority, or lessen our engagement.

Again, this is human nature… Except an organization’s lack of common sense becomes magnified.

OWE Leadership

During May’s leadership meeting, I discussed ‘OWE’ topics (see above) – those activities / policies / practices that were hurting us. The leadership team identified several topics. We divided into groups to further define them and present possible solutions. Following the meeting, we compiled about 30 different initiatives. This seems like a lot… and it is.

However, most are common sense solutions: enhance clarity; simplify the process; don’t mix random chemicals or change the performance expectation. Some initiatives will require real effort. The team is dividing and conquering these topics. They are empowered to assume ownership of them, build consensus around the solution, and drive them to completion.

I encourage you to ask the leadership team about their topics and discuss any that you may have. Our mission is to drive service to our employees, tenants, and clients.


Overcoming that which makes us our own worst enemy allows us to fulfill our mission and grow as individuals and as an organization.

Caricatures for Character


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At Holladay Properties, we believe it is important to cultivate the talents and strengths of our employees, and acknowledge how each individual’s contributions blend together to create a cohesive and productive work environment. While the South Bend Property Management department has found success with the Gung Ho! method, over the past few years our Mid-South division has been working with Relationship Architects Lori Weir and Shari Strong to bring focus to the employees’ “Talents2Strengths.”

Each month, Lori and Shari host classes for Holladay’s Mid-South Division to encourage them to build upon their strengths, and employ them more efficiently. As Lori explains, these programs are “opportunities to fortify the way that we direct or aim our strengths at what we do and to take our decision-making to yet another level.”

“It has been unique to see how each person’s Top 5 Strengths fit into their personal life as well and their work life,” says Director of Property Management Jackie Fermin. “It has been inspiring to see how each of us balance each other. Some of us have a strength that another doesn’t have, and when we are frustrated we will reach out to one another and say, ‘Hey, can you give me some of your Relator or Achiever or Ideation?”

To celebrate her team’s progress and successes cultivated from participating in the Talents2Strengths programming, Jackie recently ordered pop-art of the Senior Leadership and GEO Team that help her to run the Florida region. Enjoy the pictures below!

      Allen Arender Pop Art     Bill Roden Pop Art
Allen Arender – EVP of Development and Bill Roden – SVP of Asset Management & Finance

Brian Pop Art     Francisco Pop Art
Brian Wilcox – Regional Director of Brokerage and Francisco Fermin – Construction Manager

Grace Peacock Pop Art     JacquelineFerminPopArt
Grace Peacock – CPA, Controller of Healthcare Operations and Jackie Fermin – Director of Property Management

Jeff Howell Pop Art     Jeff Ottman Pop Art
Jeff Howell – Director of Engineering and Jeff Ottman – Partner, EVP of Operations

Kelly Manion     Ken Whitaker Pop Art
Kelly Manion – SVP of Property Management and Ken Whitaker – SVP of Healthcare and Capital Management

Marcy Coffman Pop Art     Tiffany Coursey Pop Art
Marcy Coffman – Executive Assistant/Office Manger and Tiffany Coursey – Human Resources Director

Thank you for being you and for making the Holladay team one of the BEST teams to be a part of!

Keeping Healthy the Holladay Way


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BY: Cassandra Sprigg
Assistant Property Manager – South Bend

At Holladay Properties we take our health very seriously. In part, because we want our employees to have great quality of life, but also because we love our sweets. With the seemingly constant presence of delicious goodies around the office, many employees have adopted small practices to combat their toll on the waistline. Here are a few of the techniques our South Bend employees have chosen:


IT Assistant Amy Church uses a large exercise ball, as opposed to a traditional, ergonomic chair. It is believed that using the ball activates the muscles in the back and abdomen, increasing core strength and improving posture.

2018-06-28 Office Health 3


Multiple people at the office have upgraded to standing desks. This allows the user to lift their computer stations up, and comfortably use them while in a standing position. Many claim that using a standing desk helps to increase productivity and burn a few extra calories with minimal effort.

2018-06-28 Office Health 1


A South Bend office summer tradition, the Walking Club invites employees to spend the summer months walking designated multi-mile routes with their coworkers during their lunch hours. Participants are challenged to walk a minimum of 60 miles from the start of the program in May through its end in August. As an added incentive, monetary prizes are given to the club member who walks the most miles, and any club member who walks 5 miles over their previous year’s total. HR Director Maureen Johnson, sporting her “Train Hard” t-shirt after a long walk, is a big fan of and long-time participant in the Walking Club.

2018-06-28 Office Health 4

What are your tips and tricks for keeping healthy at the office?
Share in the comments, below!